WooCommerce offers a full-featured e-commerce platform, right within WordPress. It turns a basic WordPress website into an e-commerce application capable of selling physical products, digital downloads, subscriptions, and basically anything you can think of. It even has a REST API if you want to get super technical and fancy.

Long story short, WooCommerce is incredibly powerful. Potentially lost in its sea of features is the ability to redirect customers when they take an action. A small feature, sure. But also an underutilized tool that can help boost revenue by promoting cross-sales and upsells.

Take, for example, when a customer completes a purchase on your WooCommerce website. They’ve browsed your website, selected a product of interest, and paid you money for it. You’ve won that hard-earned sale. The customer trusted you enough to send you money. So what better time than after purchase to upsell the customer on another, related product?

Using WooCommerce Subscriptions?

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The best example of this that comes to mind is Vistaprint. If you’ve never shopped at Vistaprint, they sell all kinds of awesome products, from business cards and stationary, custom mugs, pens, shirts, and tons more. Each time you buy something on Vistaprint, you land on a thank-you page that gives a limited-time offer to do things like increase the quantity of what you purchase, or purchase other related items at a discount.

This tactic is incredibly effective. Personally, I fall for it almost every time. But I’m a sucker for a good deal – who could resits doubling your order for just 50%?!

WooCommerce Product Redirects

Redirecting in WooCommerce

So how can you do something like this in WooCommerce? Well, with redirects of course! The Custom Redirects for WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up custom redirects for any product, product tag, and/or product category. The redirect types include add-to-cart and after-purchase. The former occurs when a customer adds a product to their cart, while the latter occurs after a customer completes payment.

Drip & Protect Content with WooCommerce

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Since you have granular control over the redirect destinations, you can set up custom landing pages with special offers and promotions, then redirect your customers to those pages after they buy certain products.

Using the Vistaprint example, you could create a custom thank-you page that includes awesome deals on things like branded mugs, pens, and tee shirts. Then, when a customer buys business cards from your website, you can send them to this landing page!

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