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Master the Art of Storytelling

To build a successful brand and store, your customers must connect. To connect is to tell your story. But let's face it...it's not that easy to connect from behind a screen. Consumers are so screen fatigued, printed materials offer a welcome change of pace.

So how can you connect with your customers AND capture their attention?

Print Catalogs? In 2024?

Yes, really. Despite years of email and social media marketing dominance, print catalogs have seen a 170% increase in response rates from 2004-2018 (Source).

Further, studies show the average time spent reading a print catalog is around 30 minutes. How about that for view time? This is an enormous amount of attention that you can gain from your targeted audience. With all that eye time, can you afford not to have a catalog?

Consumers who prefer printed catalogs over digital catalogs. The same reason people enjoy reading printed books over e-books!
Consumers who consult a printed catalog before an online purchase. Give customers something to enjoy looking at without a screen.
Almost 80% of readers visit a retail store thanks to a catalog promotion. People are used to sales gimmicks online. Print carries more weight.
The average number of purchases that results from viewing a catalog. Printed catalogs connect with consumers, who become engaged, repeat customers.

Elegant Catalogs for WooCommerce

Elegant Catalogs is a hosted catalog builder that integrates directly with your WooCommerce store. Connect with your customers in the physical space by effortlessly building store catalogs in just seconds.

Catalog builder for WooCommerce

Store Catalogs, Configured Your Way

Upload a custom cover image, select your products, add your pages, colors, and more to create a branded catalog for your Store.

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Custom Cover Images

Upload your custom artwork for the cover of your catalog. Add true branding without any effort to give your catalogs a unique, limited-time feel.
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Select Products

You can list as few or as many products in your catalog as you'd like. Running a special promotion on a product category? Just list those products in your catalog!
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Add Your Pages

Catalogs aren't just product grids. You can add pages before and after your products for any additional information, such as contact info.
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Customize Your Catalog

With our catalog builder, you can set your catalog's brand colors, and even use Google Fonts to bring the design to life!

Create Your Catalog in Seconds

Yes, literally seconds. Setup is effortless. Simply install our lightweight connector plugin, connect your store, and build your catalogs!

Catalog builder for WooCommerce

Hosted, So No Bloat For You

Instead of running all the code on your website, we run it on our end for you. Saving you from bloat, and improving your website's performance.

Risk Free Use

New store? Small store? Get started for free! Need more features? You can always upgrade when you need it. See for yourself how easy it is to build custom catalogs for your WooCommerce store. Get started for free today.

Elegant Catalogs Plans

  • 1 Store
  • 1 Catalog
  • 10 Products
  • Basic Catalog Template
$79 / Year
  • 1 Store
  • 1 Catalog
  • 50 Products per catalog
  • Premium Templates with QR Codes
$99 / Year
  • 5 Stores
  • 5 Catalogs
  • 50 Products per catalog
  • Premium Templates with QR Codes
$129 / Year
  • 10 Stores
  • 10 Catalogs
  • Unlimited Products
  • Premium Templates with QR Codes
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