Reply To: There has been a critical error on your website.

Gary Michael
Support Manager

Hi Kris,

Yes, that error is because files are pre-signed. This means that each file has a signature that expires after a period of time (20 minutes by default). In your admin, this isn’t an issue because a new signature is generated on each page load. However, in emails, the signature doesn’t change. Therefore, the links will eventually expire.

You can customize this by using the syncs3_merge_tag_presigned_link_time filter to increase the time before a link will expire. For example:

add_filter( 'syncs3_merge_tag_presigned_link_time', 'my_syncs3_merge_tag_presigned_link_time', 10, 5 );
function my_syncs3_merge_tag_presigned_link_time( $time, $url, $entry, $field_id, $form ) {
	return '+1 day';
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