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Paul O'Connor


I’m happy to try it. Our test form is here:

But we have now found a developer who is offering to build a custom solution which will:

1. gather the data we need to publish a teaching online in the existing form fields (as it currently does)
2. use the hidden username field to create a folder in the S3 bucket (only if it doesn’t already exist)
3. then use the field data from the ‘start date’, ‘teaching name’, ‘online’, ‘location name’ and ‘country’ fields to create a folder matching our naming convention* in the users folder.
4. upload all added media from this form submission to that folder. Files may get as big as 3gb each.

Would this functionality be possible with the new version of s3sync?


* our naming convention:

YEAR-MONTH-DAY-Teaching Name-online-Location Name-Country


2021-02-20-The Three Trainings-Online-Nyima Tashi Kagyu Buddhist Centre-New Zealand

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