Reply To: Divi Payments Module

Brendan Connelly

Okay here is your final chance to respond before I take further action. My money is important to me and I don’t like wasting it.

I can only get a test payment completed; a live payment will not process even after I created a blank page with just your module on it.

I noticed that the test payment asked for a postcode or zip code and would not proceed until I typed in 5 numbers. Postcodes in Australia have 4 numbers so this is a bit of an issue perhaps.

However, the live version does not offer a postcode option. Is this causing the issue why it is not processing? The payment button just has an arrow that spins endlessly.

The test payment completed the transaction and then loaded the thank you page.

Please help. This is really annoying and I would love to start promoting my website and receiving payments. If this works I will be offering the payment system to other clients so you will make more money

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