Reply To: Override for Single Post?

Gary Michael
Support Manager

Hi Caraldine,

Since you’re using Elementor templates to create a global template for your recipes, the access rules you applied to that template will apply to every recipe post.

To get around this, I put together a code snippet for you to add to your theme’s functions.php file or a custom snippets plugin. You’ll want to modify the $free_posts section to use the post slugs for your free recipes.

add_filter( 'elegant_modules_elementor_woo_can_view_content', 'ww_free_recipes_can_view' );
 * Override access to specific content
 * @param  boolean 	$can_view 	Whether the user can view the content
 * @return boolean
function ww_free_recipes_can_view( $can_view ) {
	if ( is_singular( 'recipes' ) ) {
		// Add the recipe slugs here
		$free_posts = [
		global $post;
		// Check if the current recipe's slug is in the list of free slugs
		if ( in_array( $post->post_name, $free_posts ) ) {
			$can_view = true;
	return $can_view;

Please let me know if you need help with getting this set up.

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