SyncS3 version 1.4 was just released. The new version features support for Gravity PDF!

If you’re not familiar with it, Gravity PDF is a sweet plugin for Gravity Forms that automatically generates PDFs of form entry/submission data. This is very handy if you need to store or distribute copies of entry data. The PDFs are self-hosted, meaning there’s no need for a third-party service to generate or host your PDFs; everything is handled right on your own server and website.

While it’s great to handle the PDF generation on your own site without any third-party dependencies, you may want to store the PDF files externally, especially if you process a lot of submissions. Storing the files on Amazon S3, for example, gives you flexibility in distributing the files, and can free up a lot of disk space on your server.

SyncS3 1.4 integrates with Gravity PDF to offload PDF files to any S3 bucket you wish. If you’re using SyncS3 to offload file uploads, it will default to using your form’s SyncS3 settings (if set), or the global SyncS3 settings. If you want to push file uploads to one bucket and your PDF file to another, just overwrite the account/bucket in the PDF settings.

SyncS3 + Gravity PDF Support

Uploading PDF files to S3 is as easy as checking a box. Head over to your form’s PDF settings, click the Advanced tab, and scroll down to the Upload PDF to S3 setting. Enable that setting, select whether you’d like the local PDF to be removed, and configure the account and bucket settings as needed.

One important thing to note is that you need to set the Always Save PDF setting to “Yes.” This tells Gravity PDF to actually save a PDF file to disk, rather than always generating PDFs on the fly. These “hard” copies are needed to upload to S3.

Each time a PDF is generated, SyncS3 will push it to your S3 bucket. If you enabled the Delete Local PDF setting, the file will be deleted on your server, freeing up disk space.

Send File Uploads Straight to Amazon S3

SyncS3 for Gravity Forms lets you send your file uploads to any Amazon S3 bucket. Store your images, videos, and other files on Amazon’s high quality infrastructure.

Gravity PDF users can select from a variety of different pre-made templates to use for different layouts and designs in their PDFs. The Gravity PDF team also offers bespoke templates tailored specifically to your requirements.

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