Editing recurring totals in WooCommerce…how do you do it efficiently? Say you have a recurring subscription product named, “Elite Subscription.” This is sold via your website, using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Up until now, the Elite Subscription has cost $10 per month, and you have about 300 active subscriptions for a current MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of $3,000.

After some deliberations, you decide to change this subscription to $100 per year to help combat customer churn. This price change, unfortunately, will only take effect for new customers, by default. Now how do you get the price changes to apply for the 300 current subscriptions? Updating them one-by-one is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. You don’t want to do it this way.

Instead, let’s look at the Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions will automatically update all subscriptions associated with a given product when that product’s pricing changes. There are no special settings – it works right out of the box with just one extra click of your mouse.

To edit your recurring payments/subscriptions, all you have to do is edit the subscription product’s pricing terms. In our Elite Subscription example, head over to the Elite Subscription product, and change the pricing details to $100 every year.

Before saving, make sure to check the “Update Subscriptions” checkbox. This tells the plugin that you want to update recurring payments associated with this product. Leaving it unchecked will keep those recurring payments at their current prices, so only new customers will have the new pricing.

Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions price change

That’s all you have to do. Really. After you save the new pricing, Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions will figure out which subscriptions are associated with that product, and schedule each one to be updated to the new pricing.

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