Joining the Elegant Modules family of page builder extensions is Payments for Elementor. Payments for Elementor is a lightweight, flexible widget for Elementor that allows users to add simple payment forms anywhere on their website. The payment forms are powered by Stripe, and it integrates directly with your Stripe account.

Let’s take a look at how it works!

Payments for Elementor payment form

Simply put, not everyone needs WooCommerce. E-commerce plugins for WordPress, such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, are fantastic solutions for those who need their features. If you need a shopping cart, advanced product management, or shipping integrations, you may want to consider them.

Payments for Elementor allows for creating simple payment forms, and placing them where you need. That said, Payments for Elementor does include a number of handy features that you also get with larger e-commerce plugins.

Payments for Elementor widget settings
Payments for Elementor payment details
Included with Payments for Elementor is a simple dashboard for viewing and managing your payments, including the ability to issue full or partial refunds.
Payments for Elementor settings
Payments for Elementor global settings for things like currency selection, statement descriptor, and more.


Payments for Elementor is free to download and start using. To be able to offer Payments for Elementor for free, and to support all of our customers, we offer two different payment options.

  1. Per transaction – No upfront costs, no annual renewals. Just a simple, low price of 5% per transaction that is processed through Payments for Elementor (in addition to normal Stripe fees).
  2. Yearly license – By activating a license for Payments for Elementor, you will pay 0 additional fees (just the normal Stripe fees).

Our philosophy is that if you’re not making money using Payments for Elementor, we don’t charge you anything. These pricing options allow us to fulfill that philosophy, and guarantee the same level of support to all of our customers – no “regular” vs. “priority” support. Our pricing options for Payments for Elementor are designed for what works best for you.

Building Payments for Elementor

Payments for Elementor is new and will continue to grow in the features it offers. If you’re comfortable with code, though, Payments for Elementor includes plenty of hooks for customizing the behavior, and adding new functionality.

Get started with Payments for Elementor for free!

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