Hello! We’re Elegant Modules. Our goal is to bring a seamless content editing experience to users of the most popular page builders and membership plugins for WordPress. In the past, protecting your premium membership content was done by adding shortcodes across your pages, editing their attributes, etc. If you’ve done it this way, you know how messy it can be.

Really, though?! We have amazing visual builders nowadays that let us create our pages, headers, footers, and pretty much everything in between without needing to touch code. Divi, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and others are fantastic tools that make websites more accessible to anyone. Even for developers who know how to code, it’s often quicker and easier to use a page builder for many things.

So why do we still have to mess with ugly shortcodes to hide content restricted to paid members? Well, because there are a variety of different systems for both page builders and membership functionality. Page builders don’t want to support every membership plugin out there, and membership plugins don’t want to support every page builder out there.

That’s where we’re stepping in. Elegant Modules was built to integrate content protection for a variety of membership plugins right into your visual builder of choice. Using Beaver Builder with WooCommerce Memberships? Forget those shortcodes, just configure your Rows’ content protection rules. Divi with Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments? Same thing! Our modules add settings to the most popular visual builders for WordPress, integrate with some of the most popular membership plugins, and allow you to determine which content is restricted to members right from within the visual builder’s editor. We even have integrations for the new built-in WordPress editor, Gutenberg!

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