Effortlessly Update WooCommerce Subscriptions in Bulk

Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions updates subscriptions when you update a product. Update a subscription's payment terms by just updating the product. Works for both simple and variable subscriptions.

If you've ever wanted to change subscriptions in WooCommerce Subscriptions, you'll know that you have to do so one-by-one. By default, WooCommerce Subscriptions does not update existing subscriptions when you change the product.

For example, say you have a subscription product, called "Bronze Subscription." Some time goes by, customers sign up, and you need to change the pricing for this subscription product. You update the product, and new customers are billed according to the new pricing. Unfortunately, existing customers still pay the previous price. To update these existing subscriptions, you have to edit each one manually, whether you have just one or thousands! This is not cool.

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Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions fixes this. By updating a subscription product, Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions updates each subscription to bill at the new pricing. Further, if you change the billing cycle, the subscriptions are placed on the new cycle as well. This means you can go from $20/month to $10/week for your Broze Subscription, and all existing subscriptions for that product will be switched over to $10/week.

Word of advice: let your customers know their subscription terms are subject to change. Give them some notice. Otherwise, this is a very easy way to piss off a lot of customers.

To get started, just install and activate the plugin, and update the subscription product. In the product's pricing settings, you'll have a checkbox/toggle for updating existing subscriptions. You must check this box for existing subscriptions to be switched over to the new terms. This leaves you the option to change the payment terms, but not apply them to existing subscriptions.

Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions price change

Subscriptions are updated asynchronously (behind the scenes) to improve performance. Updating subscriptions is an intensive process. Trying to update dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of subscriptions at once will almost certainly fail due to server limits. By offloading updates to background processing, your website can process each subscription when it has the resources. This prevents bottlenecks and performance problems.

WooCommerce Subscription Changelog

In addition to updating subscription pricing and billing cycles, Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions shows customers a "changelog" of updates to their subscription, so customers know when the changes to their accounts occurred.

Bulk Update WooCommerce Subscriptions Pricing

Basic Great for Website Owners
normally $109
$59 / year
  • One License Activation
  • Regular Support
Plus Great for Production and Staging
normally $139
$89 / year
  • 3 Activations
  • Regular Support

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