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Canned Replies for Gravity Forms lets GF users add canned responses, and send them to the submitter of any form entry. Useful for common responses, or just messing with spammers!

Canned Replies for Gravity Forms - create reply

Start out by creating your first canned reply. In your WordPress admin, under the Forms menu tab, click the "Canned Replies" menu item. Add your canned reply like any other post or page. Note that the title of the canned reply will be used as the subject for the email sent.

After you've created a canned reply, you can send it to anyone who submitted a form on your website. The only requirement is that the form needed to collect an email from the user.

Canned Replies for Gravity Forms - send reply

Head over to your form's entries, and select an entry to which you want to respond. Locate the "Canned Replies" section. From the dropdown, select the canned reply you just created. If you wish, you can also customize the canned reply on a case by case basis. Select the email to which to send the reply, and click "Send Reply." The canned reply will be sent to the recipient. You're all done!

Canned Replies for Gravity Forms also tracks which replies were sent to users, and counts how many times your replies have been used.

Using a more advanced integration with the Gravity Forms REST API? Canned Replies also integrates with the Gravity Forms REST API to trigger canned responses when an entry is updated. To send a canned reply via the REST API, you just include a couple additional fields in your JSON body, like so...

	"form_id": 41,
	"reply_id": 65, // ID of the canned reply
	"email_field": 2, // Field ID of the email to which you want to send the canned reply
	"1": "Value of first field",
	"2": "", // This field corresponds to the email_field key above
	"3": "Value of third field"
	... Rest of your entry data

The only required fields to trigger a canned reply here are the reply_id and email_field. reply_id is the ID of your canned reply. email_field is the ID of your email field, which tells Canned Replies which input it should grab the email from.

Canned Replies for Gravity Forms will help you improve your workflow and save time in responding to form submissions by creating any number of canned responses, and sending them to users with just a few clicks. If you get a lot of form submissions that include common requests or questions, or just annoying emails from people trying to sell you something, create a canned reply, and stop wasting your time.

Canned Replies for Gravity Forms Pricing

Basic Great for Website Owners
$29 / year
  • One License Activation
  • Regular Support
Plus Great for Production and Staging
$49 / year
  • 3 Activations
  • Regular Support

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