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Elegant Modules integration to combine Gutenberg (the new WordPress editor) and LifterLMS. Protect any content created in Gutenberg by selecting a recurring Download, adjusting your unauthorized message, and save! It's as simple as that!

Elegant Modules Gutenberg WooCommerce Memberships Integration

The Elegant Modules - Gutenberg integration adds a new "Content Restriction" block to the Gutenberg editor. Any content within the "Content Restriction" block can be protected, such as text blocks, image blocks, videos, etc. This benefits membership websites by protecting only specific content, rather than removing content from the entire page. Search engines will be able to better index your membership website's pages, while you can still protect your exclusive content.

To begin protecting content, just install and activate the Gutenberg + LifterLMS integration. In the Gutenberg editor, you can add a "Content Restriction" block to any post or page, and add any number of child blocks within it. The Content Restriction block includes settings for which membership a viewer should be active on to see the content, and what you want to display to viewers who don't. To protect existing content, just add the Content Restriction block, and move your existing block content into it.

The Gutenberg + LifterLMS integration seamlessly integrates content restriction right into the new WordPress editor. No more fussing with messy shortcodes or complicated settings. Just add your content to a Content Restriction block, and save!

Gutenberg + LifterLMS Pricing

Basic Great for Website Owners
$39 / year
  • One License Activation
  • Regular Support
Plus Great for Production and Staging
$69 / year
  • 3 Activations
  • Regular Support

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