SyncS3 gives Gravity Forms users the ability to push any files to any Amazon S3 bucket. When files are submitted through a form, you can send those files to any Amazon account (or DigitalOcean Spaces), and any S3 bucket. Simply add your Amazon AWS credentials, chose which fields should push to S3, and save.

SyncS3 also provides a "Direct to S3" file upload field. This field will completely bypass the file from hitting your server. Instead, it takes advantage of browser technology to upload a file directly from your user's computer to your S3 bucket! Saves processing resources on your server, and improves the overall experience for your users.

You can even send different file-upload fields to different accounts or buckets. SyncS3 gives you flexible control over which accounts/buckets for sending your files by controlling the settings on global, form, and field levels.

Want to send files from existing entries to S3? SyncS3 also includes a WP CLI command for processing all entries, so you can effortlessly send all of your files from all of your form entries to your S3 buckets. It just takes one command: wp syncs3 process_entries --form_id=5, where --form_id is a required parameter for the form you want to process. When you run this CLI command, it processes all the form's entries, and send their files to correct S3 bucket. You just need to configure the field to enable S3.

If it doesn't make sense for you to also store the files locally, you can set the files to be removed from your server after they're uploaded to S3. This helps reduce the overall disk space of your website.

SyncS3 also makes it much simpler to migrate your entries to another website. Because of how Gravity Forms stores file uploads, migrating entries when you migrate your website to another host can lead to broken file paths, and Gravity Forms not recognizing files that were uploaded. By uploading files to Amazon S3, SyncS3 also keeps track of the files in S3, so you don't need to worry about migrating files - everything is right in your S3 buckets.

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Gravity PDF Support

SyncS3 for Gravity Forms Pricing

Basic Great for Website Owners
normally $109
$59 / year
  • One License Activation
  • Regular Support
Plus Great for Production and Staging
normally $129
$79 / year
  • 3 Activations
  • Regular Support

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