Elementor is one of the best visual builders for WordPress. WooCommerce Memberships brings powerful membership capabilities to any WordPress website running WooCommerce. Together, they’re a match made in heaven for anyone who wants to run a membership website.

But how do you achieve some of the most important features of a membership website using them together? The main goal is to protect your content, so that only paying members can view it. Maybe you also want to drip your content to members over certain periods of time, such as one month after signup, then two months, three months, etc.

Messing with shortcodes can be messy. No one wants to spend time wrapping their content around snippets of code that are hard to remember. Instead of looking up old content or documentation to copy and paste a shortcode, it would be so much easier to just configure your content protection preferences right from with Elementor. Sort of like this…

Elegant Modules Drip Content Feature

Well now you can do just that! Our Elementor + WooCommerce Memberships integration module brings content protection and dripping right to the Elementor editor. It allows you to select from your membership plans that you set up in WooCommerce Memberships, configure an unauthorized message, and drip your content over any period of time that you wish.

For example, let’s say we have a couple membership plans called “Gold Plan” and “Silver Plan.” We want to add some content that is available to only Gold Plan members, some content that is available to both plans, and some content that is only available in the second month of membership. No problem!

We’ll head over to the Elementor editor, and add our content for both plans first. In the Row’s settings, click the “Elegant Modules” tab, and open the “Content Restriction” toggle. From the “Access Rule” dropdown, select “Any” as your rule. This means that a user who is a current member for either the Gold or Silver plan will be able to view the content.

Next, we’ll add the Gold plan’s content following the same process as before. Since the Gold plan is a higher plan in our case (it’s more expensive), we’ll set the Access Rule to only the Gold plan to make sure that only Gold Plan members can view it. You can set a custom message for unauthorized users to prompt them to upgrade to the Gold Plan.

Finally, we’ll add the content that we want to drip. After configuring which membership plan(s) have access under the Content Restriction toggle, open up the “Drip Content” toggle, and enable content dripping. Since we want this content to be available starting in the member’s second month of membership, we’ll set the Drip Duration to 1, and the Drip Unit to “month.” This means that the content will only be available 1 month after a member’s signup date, or at the start of the second month.

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